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A typical conversation with my commuter friend:

So how's life in the DORM? What DORM do you live in again?
Actually it's a residence hall.
That's just a DORM, right?
Just call them residence halls. Dorms are just places where you sleep; res halls have community!
So you just sleep in your DORM, huh?
Are you just doing this to annoy me?
What, do you not want to talk about DORMS?
Can you PLEASE stop calling them dorms?
Okay. I'm gonna start calling them orphanages, instead.
Yeah. I'm gonna drop you off at your orphanage soon.
............................................................still better than dorm.

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Okay okay

I’m back. Officially. I’m really sorry about that. I definitely lost some followers…but gained some new ones so I think I broke even. Hope I get you all back some day…unless you are done with RA and don’t want to read this crap anymore, in which case I don’t blame you.

In the time I have been gone I:

Got an A on my senior thesis! Woop woop! The building where I had my defense was connected to a residence hall, so of COURSE a fire alarm went off in the middle of it. Res life permeates every fiber of my existence.

Graduated with a BS. Wooo! The ceremony sucked and the entire time my friend/co-RA and I sat next to each other talking about how much we wanted a sandwich. Like I said before, don’t worry, I’m going to be an RA for a year still AND over the summer!

Got REALLY mad at Res Life because I didn’t get recognized for something major where everyone else got recognition, but we talked and we’re good now, but I’m starting to suspect all the RDs hate me (b/c God forbid you have open dialogue with your superiors…)

Moved out of my room and into a newer, much tinier one for Summer RA. That’s a blog post for another time.

Lamented over not getting back to my res life tumblr. Now I’m back! For keeps!

Also, for those of you going to NACURH nationals, I am MAD jealous. I wasn’t technically eligible because I’m no longer undergrad, then I WAS eligible because I was returning to the res halls, then my NCC told me not to apply because it might hurt my chances at summer RA. He was right, BUT it turned out that my co-RA is going and I wouldn’t have been on duty or anything. Sigh.

Happy summer everyone! I have two new series in the works, at least one of which requires submissions from YOU!


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If your building is ever empty or near-empty,

On your next round, take the time to admire the parts of your residence hall you never really see. It’s a quiet Spring Break night, and I just looked at all of our ceilings—nothing particularly amazing, but a whole new perspective I’d never had a chance to take.

I also discovered that the walls behind the vending machines in the lounge were purple…which seems to imply that the whole lounge was purple at one point—before the vending machines were there.


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You know you’ve been a part of NACURH when… it’s “residence hall” not “dorm”.

I just found this, and I would like all of my NACURH-affiliated followers to follow it too if they haven&#8217;t already!
(Hilariously enough, there are a few of you that I&#8217;ve met or seen at conferences. I can&#8217;t tell you which ones, though!)
I caught myself leading my RHA e-board in a conference clap last night. I&#8217;m so mad I can&#8217;t go to minis this semester T.T


You know you’ve been a part of NACURH when… it’s “residence hall” not “dorm”.

I just found this, and I would like all of my NACURH-affiliated followers to follow it too if they haven’t already!

(Hilariously enough, there are a few of you that I’ve met or seen at conferences. I can’t tell you which ones, though!)

I caught myself leading my RHA e-board in a conference clap last night. I’m so mad I can’t go to minis this semester T.T

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Trip. Stumble. Tumble.: This guy though...


This guy though…

Okay, I’m just going to say this.

I regret ever posting that my RA is an idiot because some other idiot reblogged it and trashed me as if I wouldn’t see it.  

I should have clarified:  the way the residence hall system is run at my school is what I find dumb.  Not the RA.  I do, however, maintain that she is incompetent.  NOTE THAT ME FINDING HER INCOMPETENT DOES NOT MEAN THAT I FIND ALL RESIDENT ASSISTANTS INCOMPETENT.  

I think campus living here needs redone.  Just because you’re in paradise does not mean that we all are.  You actually probably are guaranteed housing. 

That little gem is from the person who blogged about their RA being a “fucking idiot” (the one I responded to). So yes, he just called me an idiot. 

But no trick, this is what you didn’t understand. You don’t have your ask box enabled so this was the only way I could get through to you. I wanted you to hear what I had to say because your words were so misguided.

Also, you maintain your RA is incompetent however, as we proved in the previous post you are in absolutely NO position to make that call considering you have no effing idea the stress that RAs are under CONSTANTLY. So I’m sorry if your perception of your RA is negative, don’t go talking about it online. She is a human being and trying her best to deal with people who are apathetic at best and vindictive (remember the ripping down of her decorations?) at worst.

Also, paradise? Sweetie…RAs at my college temporarily had freshman roommates in the fall because they had to honor contracts made by people LONG after they should have. Don’t tell me this is an ideal situation.  In regards to your structural and organizational comments, ‘m sure your department of housing is doing just fine, you just have to find something to complain about.  No situation is ideal, but with the volume of students the department has to accomodate, I’d say they’re doing a pretty swell job.  Not up to par for you still, whiny pants? I’m sorry honey, this is college on-campus life…you’re not Eloise at the Plaza.

Paradise? Oh, honey. Now I just feel bad for you. I’m honestly, honestly sorry you think that. At this point the following words have nothing to do with you, this is just to clear up some misconceptions because you are by no means the only person who thinks these things.

I wish this was paradise. We keep pushing through with enthusiasm because it’s the only way to get through it. This is hell; this is purgatory; this is indentured servitude. I wouldn’t trade it for anything at this point, but all I want is to get my life started and work a mediocre job with a mediocre apartment and some effing independence. Instead, I go to a school that only cares about making itself look good on a piece of paper. I’m pushing through…barely. Everything I have to do as an RA is a condescending decision from below.

You know what though? There is one thing that helps me get through it:

The residents. The ones who know they live in a community and respect the community guidelines—the ones who see, like I saw RAs not as those jerks in the polos but the sources of guidance and respect.

The one small peace I have in this job is knowing that, if I’m lucky there will be people who look up to me and see me as accessible like a student, but admirable like a leader. Though, alas, it is obviously a double-edged sword.

No RA is perfect, and to be honest, there are certainly lots of crappy RAs out there, but, oddly enough, the only people who really know who’s good or bad are the RAs themselves. I can’t think of anyone whose res life experience is paradise. Even if we do get free room and board, even if we are lucky enough to not have a roommate, we never get to go home from our jobs, and our jobs follow us 24/7.

Don’t even get me started about two Christmases ago when I got to be trapped here completely alone for ten days while my grandma was in the hospital. Yeah, that was definitely paradise…

I wish I could tell you I was guaranteed housing, too. I am relying on this position to get me through my degree, and let me tell you, it’s some prettyshaky ground.

You know what they say about assuming…so I am going to go say right now that I am trying not to assume anything about your experience. It’s possible your RA is actually a total dick.

Funny thing about RAs though: in times like these, all we have is each other, and we will defend each other until doing so will cost us our own jobs.

With all due respect, passing judgement on the res life tumblrsphere was pretty bad luck—our jobs require us to be good with words and work as a team.

That being said, I genuinely, truly honestly hope that your res life experience gets better.


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Submitted by the lovely orchardwinter:

“Hey! To anyone who has problems with showers being dirty, poor program attendance or really anything else, here’s a good idea: Hang flyers IN the shower head or curtain. People can’t miss it and will remember it! :) I’m doing for my floor meeting tomorrow <3”

ABSOLUTELY! That is…assuming your residents shower regularly…

Residence Halls are covered with 8½X11 flyers to a point of being a fire hazard. As RAs we have the advantage of knowing which places in our buildings are traffic-heavy or eye catching. For example, I like hanging my flyers halfway off the ceiling in the stairwells so they dangle down. I’ve also heard of dry-erase marker on mirrors.

RAs and student leaders: What are some out-of-the-ordinary things you do to attract people to programs?

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Res Life Lamentations: Also...(serious post)



We found out today that the second victim of the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre was an RA. Apparently, he heard the first gunshot and went out to the hallway to investigate.

I know most of you have probably been somewhat trained in school shooting emergency protocol (Shots Fired, anyone?). What I’m…

1) I’m surprised that you are just now hearing this as that was major news and a huge reason why they thought it was a contained incident. 2) the guy wasn’t trying to save a life or be stupid heroic, he was investigating noise/a fight and was shot for just being present. Sounds like you got a scare presentation today.

Hmmm…no, we didn’t get a scare presentation at all; in fact, it’s the third time I’ve sat through that presentation, it’s just that this new bit of information struck a chord with me. I understand that I may have been a little vague or dramatic in what I have written, and given what I said I can totally see where you got that. Let me clarify:

To answer the first point, I’m sure I heard that specific part in 2007, but it was my junior year of high school and I was in outer space back then. Also, res life and RAs weren’t really in my vocabulary, and by the time I was a part of res life, years later, it was old news.

I certainly did not mean to imply the RA was trying to be heroic, and I did not intend this as a “don’t be a hero” spiel, though, rereading it, I can see how it could have been construed that way (throwing around the word “martyr” probably wasn’t the best idea). Let me be very clear when I say that every single victim of that horrible massacre could not have prevented what happened, and that the RA in question did everything he should have.

What I mean is this: as an RA, my first instinct would be to investigate the situation; if we hear a struggle we definitely have to assess the situation. However, if some astronomical event occurs and I hear something that sounds like a gunshot, before that presentation, I still may have gone outside. Now I realize that that is something that I am neither trained nor expected to do.

That being said, I hope my original post wasn’t too alarmist. Training makes me a little insane…

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